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I congratulate the developers on this new patch. The compass update was a great idea even though in reality with the old one you had 2 reference points north and south which could easily lead you to the base through a line of lighthouses. Now you can't get lost anymore, and I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing. The solution that comes to mind is that maybe to keep the compass activated it should cost 2 U / s from the backpack? This could create that anxiety of getting lost if you don't have the right equipment (2 Qrtg, 1 Qrtg and 1 battery, 1 small generator, 1 energy cell of which you could increase the output to 2U / s).
The use of the compass on the vehicle may also have an input cost depending on the vehicle! However, these are just opinions and ideas.
And you players, I know that you are happy with the compass and I am partly too, what do you think of the new system? Do you think it can be further improved?


Thank Era System!

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I think that it's more about making the game more approachable/accessible. I am sure that devs intended it to be exactly as it is right now.

You know, i also don't like how powerful the compass is, and that there in no management around it (you don't need to put beacons anymore).

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