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Hi gamers and developers, this patch has been really interesting, compass, missions and more systems to generate power. The thing that surprised me the most was the reworking of the energy costs of the various modules and the production of the old systems. However, I disagree on increasing the energy production of small solar panels and small turbines. In my opinion they had to remain unchanged (0.5u / s), and leaving a low energy cost to primary structures such as melting furnaces, and increase the cost of the various modules as has been done!

Why should small and solar wind turbines be low? Because they can be placed in medium storage / silos and be very efficient in terms of space / research cost!

Currently honestly it is not worth building the other systems when 24 small turbines in a storage silo produce 36U / s. The last reason I would like to build an XL Wind Turbine would be that I don't want to waste time making 24 small turbines! The icing on the cake is that they now cost ceramic which is cheaper than glass XD.

Yes, the other systems are graphically beautiful, but rationally speaking they are not convenient.

And you gamers, what do you think of the current reworking of the power system? Is what I say is crap or is there a grain of truth?


After all, a really good job was done and I think many players were satisfied. Thanks System Era!


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A very simple way to make small turbines less affordable, without having to rework the production and energy costs of the various structures, would be to replace their ceramic cost with an aluminum cost! In this way, it worthwhile to develop further research and print new power generation modules!

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