Digging resources Right onto the Trailer (Pipe connecting trailer with terrain tool)

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Does this process look's familiar ? 🙄🤐



But Imagine something inspired but this: 😁😃




If you will be close enough you would be able to  "connect" yours terrain tool with trailer through suction pipe. To transport all resources that you are going to mine right into those trailers.

If those trailer are armed with storages those will be filled too (you will fill all empty space).


If it would work in both direction so we could also use it to unload trailer!!!
But it will be quite slow, so there still be a reason to use auto arms.



I think that this could look and behave similarly to Cables, but more like a pipe attached /connected with trailer, through which the resources will be transported.
Maybe using this should required energy either from vehicle or backpack. (this function will be very powerful and useful) 👀


Maybe this pipe could be made with glass (be transparent) so we could see the animation.



*With the last photo... just use your imagination, pls 😛

*To activate hold F while aiming on trailer or something like this


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Some time ago I proposed such a thing, and already it would be useful to be able to download the resources from the collection of the terrain tool to vehicles. An inverse function would also be interesting

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I agree on this. if the crane with a drill can do it, this should be easy. It takes up 1 port on backpack and 1 on item its hooked to (vehicle etc.) and mined resources go right into the vehicle. Can also attach from large soil container to centrifuge. Could also have a vac attachment to collect ground resources, maybe a vac augment for terrain tool.

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