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Since the ability to manually lock / unlock platforms was added, I noticed that during the game, it often happens that I accidentally unlock platforms, by accidentally pressing f, when maybe I want to use modules or printers. But the big problem is when I accidentally take the platform just because it was accidentally unlocked, which is really annoying and frustrating. Keeping the F key pressed for a second, to lock / unlock the platform, would be the most obvious and simple solution to implement.

And you players, have you encountered this problem or is it just me, the poor wretch who runs into this problem?

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I always try to have this in mind, so it's not longer happening to me but it is a bit frustrating to always be cautious about it, kind of unnecessary.


You're solution is okay, it's just that it could also be a little frustrating because each time player wants to move platforms around or place them for the first time.
It will take more time now, because player will need to *hold F each time, instead of just clicking F..

You want to hold F to lock/unlock
I would suggest hold F only to unlock 😁

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