Prioritizing items that player Do Have Enough of Resources to create in a Printer (excessive scrolling).txt

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"Prioritizing items that player do have enough of resources to create"

I would like to open a Printer and see *in the first place items that i am able to create right now. Not to be forced to scroll through the list almost each time.


🔽Here, I can create tractor but i still need scroll to find it, why?


It such a waste of time (Especially if you already know the recipe)😒
It could just pop up first


*If you think that this is irrelevant.
The more items will be added the bigger "mess" it will be, the harder it will be navigate.
So it will not "only" help now but it will be also prevent this problem from becoming worse. 4a5001b7beea096457f480c8808572428b-09-roll-safe_2x_h473_w710.jpg.7e32a1d11f3c3370c63a9c66cb8438e0.jpg


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Good idea. What you suggested is complementary to the post I wrote about processing Recipes in printers. Giving priority to the recipes with which the spampanti have the resources available would make everything more fluid and comfortable without wasting time!
Great! We would appreciate this kind of update as soon as possible!

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