Greenhouses and Plant Stimulants

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Maybe there could be greenhouses, that would accelerate the growth of plants. It would be an awesome mechanic, and there could be a separate thing for radiated planets like Atrox, that makes it so the greenhouse doesn’t require sunlight.

Another suggestion is a sort of chamber that makes plants slow or unresponsive, and using a tool that requires power from a power socket, one could stimulate the plants and to experiments on them. The tool would be handheld, similar to the terrain tool, but would require power from a power socket. It would be a very new and very interesting idea.

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Already, several players have proposed greenhouses, to plant seeds and plants, in order to obtain research and organic. It could also be an interesting way to produce oxygen for the base, by specially modifying the oxygenation system, making it a necessary resource to produce for survival.

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Honestly, i would love to to have more seeds for different types of flora, plants, trees etc, purely for visuals

I would like to have "not evil" type of plants, something nice and pleasant, and we could use trade platforms to get seeds.


*But it would be great if this could have more depth.  😃

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