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When I travel with Rover, very often it happens that I have to get out of it to be able to scan research samples that I find around. While it may initially be fun, in the long run it becomes unnerving. 

Maybe a Device capable of Auto-scanning the research simples around (a few meters away) could be an excellent solution, perhaps requiring constant power to work. This device may be turned on or off to avoid searching for more important Samples, this allows you to stay inside the vehicle, but scan everything you come across with Rover, and making the gameplay smoother and more rewarding.

And you players, what do you think of the research champions you meet around with rovers? Do you go down to scan them, collect them, perhaps using an autoarm, or do you completely ignore them?


Thanks Era System!

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Yes and you can make auto-byte farm if you use the auto arms to grab small research samples and place them in research chamber,  i like this more than auto scanning in vehicles.


What is cool about it is the fact that the earlier you will do it the more advantageous it will be for you, but it will also be harder to build (gathering resources, transporting big items, energy, etc)



At the end of the game is very easy, but the amount of bytes you get is very small. :)
But If you make it somewhere around start of the game, the amount of bytes will be quite impressive, but it will be harder to build it.

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