Alternative recipes for some KEY items (like chemistry lab) to allow visiting planets in any order.

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To "allow" players to travel on to planets in a different order than they did in their previous playthrough, some key items could have "alternative recipes". 

For example Chemistry lab or small battery could have recipes that would allow couple of items, something like this:

Small battery
-either 1 lithium or 3 Iron or 4 Tungsten or 6 Copper

Chemistry lab
-1 glass
-1 ceramic

-either 1 Tungsten or 4 Iron or 4 Titanium

So players still have a reason to wait till they reach planets with more "worth it" resource, but it creates a possibility to make those items earlier, waiting becomes a player choice, choice that will be rewarded.


If you want to play the game many times, it's horrible  that Desolo and Colidor are such a obvious choices as a first planets (wolframite = tungston = chemisty lab), i think that we should be able to choose almost any planet at the start.

It would add a lot of repeat value to the game. 

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I find it quite logical that the moon of the planet you're on should be the first target of choice once you have a rocket. As to Calidor - that was actually the ultimate planet to visit on my last playthrough...

But I see where you're going with your question. And I too would welcome the possibility of different styles of playthroughs based on your choice of order to visit the planets.

Possibly some key structures could be taken from the research line and instead be given to the player as rewards for completing some task on each planet. This task could be specific to the planet's environment and resources. Depending on the order of visits, you'd then continue on different paths of production/transportation upgrades, eg drill/centrifuge combo, terrain tool efficiency upgrades, improved space travel, improved rovers and transport, debris recycling/trading. Each of these would offer different playstyles as resource gathering is quite different without any one of those upgrades. Eventually, of course, they would all be unlocked.

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Just as an afterthought: Why not categorize research points depending on the origin of the sample? Then those categories of production/tranportation upgrades could be researchable only with certain types of research points... So instead of making the samples yield more points the more exotic the source planet, make them yield different types of research.

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