Game will not start, I have problem with cooked and uncooked version

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what is difference between COOKED and UNCOOKED version? How I can start UNCOOKED version? it´s say something about missing file, but reinstallation doesn´t help. Why steam doesn´t offer UNCOOKED version? or something like that?


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The global shader cache file 'C://Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Astroneer/Engine/GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin is missing.

Your application is built to load COOKED content.  No COOKED content was found; 
This usually means you did not cook content for this build.
It also may indicate missing cooked data for a shader platfom(e.g., OpelGL under Windows): 
Make sure your platform's packaging settings include this Targeted RHI.

Alternatively build and run the UNCOOKED version instead.  


This could mean you need to update to DirectX 11 or potentially that your hardware is below spec.  A screenshot of the System Requirements as shown on Steam is attached.

If your hardware prevents you from updating to DX11, the last build of the game you are able to play is version  We have added an optional steam branch called "astro_1_14_dx10" that is permanently locked the Automation Update 002 (1.14) update.  In game events and content added from update 1.15 and beyond will not be available on this branch.  Using a save file from version 1.15 or higher will corrupt it and make the file unplayable if you attempt to open it in this branch.  Saves from version 1.14 or older should be compatible.  To play multiplayer, all players must be on the same branch.

To access the DX10 Compatible branch on Steam:  
Right click Astroneer in your Steam LibrarySelect PropertiesSelect Betas, choose "astro_1_14_dx10 - DX10 Compatible Version, Locket at Update 14" from the drop down menu and the game should begin updating.


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