Soil Centrifuge Stopped Midway through without any way to continue it

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The Soil Centrifuge just stopped working. The process before this happens is that I fill the soil centrifuge with 2 full small canisters of soil, I click on the dashboard thing to open and click the green button to start the process. Once I click the green button and press Esc to exit out of the dashboard menu, it fills the little canisters in the bottom part of the centrifuge and then just stops. There is enough power connecting to it, and when I open the dashboard to click the x button to stop it, it just stays where it is and doesn't remove the soil (the refresh button also does not work). This has occurred with me two times, once on Sylva and once on Novus. The fill bar on the top of the centrifuge is blue for some reason, too. Reloading the world and reloading the game do not work. Both times it has happened with the clay option. An interesting thing is that when it happened on Sylva, I was actually playing with a friend. It just wasn't working so I went to Desolo to get resources and my friend came back to Sylva and the soil centrifuge worked fine for him. I'm playing with mouse/keyboard on steam. 

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