quick unload of resources from pack

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lets say I have a back pack full of resin or compound or any resource. lets say I want to put them all in a pile on the ground or a bin. 

I would like if while holding a rouse from my pack with the mouse, that if I hold shift or control, after placing the item then the next available resource of that type in my pack will then be in / on my mouse.

so in this case to make a pile of resin or unload all resin, I would:

1) grab one resin from my pack

2) then hold the resin where i want to drop it

3) then hit (and hold) control

4) then mouse click until all are drop (not having to go back to my pack and pick up each one individually).

I think this would be real nice QOL improvement for early game before you have medium or large rovers to do all you mining directly to storage.




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