Gravity Gun (grafic idea)

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What I am proposing is not a content, rather a graphic update. Personally it is bad to see the character "use force" to catch objects and keep them in flight, especially when you take large objects (Large Shuttle), ExtraLarge Platform C, Autoextractor etc .... You could give the astroneer a gravity gun, which will aim and will use to pick up and lift objects. You may also need a steady amount of energy to do this, giving you one more reason to pick up medium-sized items.
And you players, what do you think about the "force" and telekinetic powers that your astroneer uses to take objects? XD

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Oh yeah, the gravity gun! Great idea!

I always want to playing gravity gun in Astroneer like Gordon Freeman from HL2. :D

Maybe that's useful for grab a largest debris and delivery to shredder I think.

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