After Progressing, The Frames per Second Become Unplayable (xbox one)

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After progressing into the point of gathering researches for what ever you need in the future (not asap for creation), the game actually starts to drop a balanced frame per second and become unplayable, this game is awesome and i hope this gets fixed quickly so i can start playing again (xbox one)

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The game is amazing and very promising, outstanding work!

On the Xbox One, the game quickly becomes completely unplayable as you expand.
The game lags to a crawl and even freezes in the same frame every few seconds.

I also bought it on Steam because of that. It's WORLDS APART... only after I played on my PC that I truly realized how much the Xbox One version was lagging.
From the very beginning, without building anything, the game on the Xbox is already running a lot slower than on the PC.
Even on my older laptop, the game runs better than on the Xbox One.
In my machine, I only experienced drops in FPS when trying to string up a bunch of vehicles (more than 4 connected vehicles starts lagging for me)
(and when placing a bunch of tethers, of course...)

Even when those issues arose, on the PC it was easy to edit the game.ini and change settings for viewing distance, and the graphics quality of foliage, shadows, effects, etc... you can lower settings if the game starts lagging and make it playable again in lower settings.

Is there any way to mimic that in the Xbox One?? Any way we could change the settings ourselves like in the PC, or do we just have to wait for updates?

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i experienced this a few times, on PC.  If I have a really long tether system laid down, it gets worse.  I notice improvement when a bunch of tethers are picked up and it gets worse, again, as the chain grows.  Is this possibly something related to rendering of the tethers and refresh of the tether status information?  I could see a problem if the interface is asking each connection what the status of the prior connection is.  Example: Standing at connection point 8 means 8 asks 7, which asks 6, which asks 5, which asks 4, which asks 3, which asks 2, which asks 1, which asks the rover, "Do we have power?  Use power."..  Imagine this happening down a chain of 40 connections, every time the tether network refreshes.  I'm not sure this is how the system is set up, but it would make sense fin explaining the "lag" when tether networks become extensive.

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Same I've tried reloading the game from a save spot but ultimately the longer you play on the xbox one the more it begins to lag until it begins to freeze for 1 to 4 seconds at a time.

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