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2xBugs - (1st - Shuttle landed on Ship Landing pad) + (2nd - Player picked up habitat with Other player in it)

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These two bugs came at the same time and resulted with our host player being stuck in a habitat on it's side. We can't figure out how to get him out, and so the planet is lost I guess. It's sad, we loved that planet, but it's alpha so what are you gonna do. 

1st bug - A player took a shuttle up and upon returning, he selected a pad that had our space ship on it. It landed on the pad pushing the Space Ship on it's side. 

  • Suggestion. I don't know your plans, but probably best to make occupied pads not visible to orbiting shuttles. 

2nd bug - Directly after the first, our host player entered the shuttle. I selected the habitat and lifted him off the shuttle. (I was seeing if I could move the whole shuttle). Everything went south from here. His body seemed to hover a foot from the habitat running in place. (The host said he was still inside on his screen) I tried to place him back on the shuttle but missed. The habitat rolled several feet away and our host player could not exit any longer. 

  • fix attempt - We restarted a couple times. He remained stuck in the shuttle. All other players start to fall through the planet as they walk several feet after landing. 


Sorry we didn't think to take any pics. Love you game, can't wait for it to be further along. 



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