GPS type map system, mapping drones, early warning weather beacons

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perhaps to map the world the explorer could go out to an area and release a drone (consumable), this would add the topographical data to the map for the area in which the explorer stands.

also perhaps use scouting drones, which you tell the drones what to look for, i.e. compound, resin, malachite or maybe even crashed ships, and once the drone (perhaps like a small RC car) becomes a beacon on your map,  also they could be set with a finite battery life, so if they are unsuccessful (and run out of power) they just end up dead, however these could be recharged by the player, or by coming into range of tethers.

early weather warning beacons, perhaps an upgrade to beacons, to alert the players(using the map) as to the presence and proceeding direction of storms.

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We REALLY need a map function and having to chart out the planets would add to the Exploreration aspect of the game.

Plus it would give a reason to fully explore planets, rather than just for the sake of it.

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