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Daniel Johnson

[IDEA] Greenhouse gardens/enviroment simulators

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It has come to my attention recently that we astroneers only ravage a planet, never giving anything back. My suggestion is a few simple items that will allow us to regrow some of the plant life, either in greenhouses or on open terrain. The new greenhouse structures would use aluminum, or titanium (simply for more use) for the framework, and lithium for the greenhouse glass. The base would be built through the standard method, while the framework and glass is built through the greenhouse platform. Structures would incude but are not limited to;

-Greenhouse Base (aluminum/titanium) the base would be about 2x the width of a standard platfotm, featuring a simple, metallic ring around a plot of dirt.

-Greenhouse dome frame (aluminum/titanium) the framework would be built throungh the greenhouse platform. It would prop up 2 intersecting beams, joining in the middle to create a dome.

-Greenhouse glass (lithium) the glass is built in 4 sections, requiring 2 lithium each. Each section built would fill in one quarter between each beam.

Once the platform is built you may place two units of organic in the plot and select from a list of flora and fauna to grow. The greenhouse glass is not required for plant growth, but is strongly recommended. Plants will grow much slower without a greenhouse. Each piece of greenhouse glass present will increase growth rate by 15%, with all 4 pieces granting a 100% growth boost.

Plants will continue to grow for 15 days on smaller planets and 7 days on larger planets, after this time has passed, the plant will die. Once a plant has fully matured it will produce 1 organic unit per 3 minutes of exposure to sunlight under a full greenhouse, without any greenhouse glass, a plant produces 1 organic unit every 6 minutes of direct sunlight. If 2 or more organic units are on a greenhouse platform when a plant dies, it will automatically replant the last plant grown.


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