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Jesus Caban

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Ok so I think you guys should add more to the pause menu specifically the options menu. You give the option for invert, which I love, but 1st of all my option to turn it on didn't stick because when I loaded up it was default again, 2nd when you pull out the mining tool the camera switches back to default for that view only so either the option should apply to all camera modes or you should add it, and 3rd I finally noticed that you do actually highlight the apply button when pops up for turning on the invert it's just barely noticeable so you should def make it more noticeable. Also why not add other options like the usual sensitivity options for camera and for the cursor, not to mention why can't I back out with the "B" button lol that seemed so basic or second nature to back out of the options menu back to the pause menu but I can't. And maybe you go to "controls" and it shows you the button scheme which tells you what the buttons do and insead move what you have there and place that in a "hints" or "basics" option.

Ok now I think the player menu, or backpack menu, could use some work because the way the interface works now with the backpack coming off and becoming bigger poses a lot of problems because depending where your standing, and against what, it becomes either not fully visible or just hard to deal with so maybe you shouldn't make the menu an actual object that is capable of interacting or interfering with the environment. This poses a lot of problem when in smaller areas as you can imagine or even when you don't pay attention and are standing just to close to some wall surface or crafting platform. Also maybe make it so that when the cursor highlights an object in your backpack it's highlighted differently than when the cursor highlights objects outside of the backpack like objects on the ground and what not and although you def don't have to make this change but the reason I said that is because I was gonna suggest that you make it so that the d-pad actually becomes a way to move through the player menu, or backpack menu, but you could add this feature without the suggested highlighting change from a second ago. This way it's a lot easier to acces items in the menu not to mention navigate it. And maybe add craftable upgrades to whatever extent, I mean at first I wasn't sure how but I notice the bumpers don't do anything in the player menu so why not have them switch between say a "template" or "layer" of the backpack that would look similar, or different if you guys choose, as the first and original menu this way you don't actually have worry about changing the size of the backpack compartments. Also why not add descriptions? You know like you go to the item in the menu and press a certain button and it gives you a description of what it is , and/or what it does especially the holograms of things you wanna make so you know if you wanna make it first lol. Although I did notice "some" things have small descriptions like the ores for example I think malachite says copper ore under it if I'm not mistaken or something like that I'm sure you get it. I have other ideas as well but I'll save them for other future and more befitting topics. Also I would provide pics n stuff but I can't because I don't own a pc so all I have is my iPhone and my cameras are broke so yea I just tried to be as detailed and simple as possible when I explain.

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