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I've noticed several bugs, so I'm going to try to put them in a list, but I apologize if I have forgotten some. I also apologize if some of these have already been recognized by the devs, as well as for the lack of pictures. I am posting this from my stationary PC and I play the game on my laptop.

  • If you put raw power collected from the environment on your base and take it off again, it doesn't work anymore.
  • If you attempt to remove an object blocking the ores from placing and therefore making them disappear, you will permanently leave an unfinished smelted ore on your smelter (unless you have insanely perfect timing)
  • Occasionally, when you extend from a node, the end that connects to the new soon-to-be connection will end up out of place.
  • If you play with a friend, they will not only leave all of their objects in the exact spot they were in as though they were still connected to the players backpack (still removable from that spot), but they will also leave their tool behind, which you cannot move, and will only be removed if you leave that game.
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