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Would basically be a spider drone with 8 legs to have better mobility on the land of bumpy planets. It would also have the same amount of slots to put things on as a regular rover, (Possibly truck??? not sure depending on the size of the drone). Would cost some of the higher end resources, as when you finally start thoroughly exploring the other planets, you will probably have resources like titanium (4) and maybe even some astronium (2) available for use. Would need to be researched from pods from crash sites. Same power as a truck.


It would be like the drones we have in our own world today. Small semi-portable drones that have cameras to be able to see what the drone sees. Could be used to survey land or even just get a cool looking picture or view. Only 2-4 compound because of its limited use. Powered only by solar, no sun no energy. (Can't store own energy)!

Another type of drone/helicopter could be one the player could ride on. It would take energy and store 1 1/2 times of what a truck does. Would hold the same amount of space a truck can. Can be obtained through 2 astronium as this could be a very powerful addition to the game. 


A larger shuttle with double everything of a regular shuttle. Double the cost, double the storage of hydrazine, double the storage. 


A small vehicle that could be obtained very early on in the game. Only would cost 1 compound have 2 storage slots and have the energy of a rover. 


What do you think??

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