Get upgrades from bytes and resources

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Several players after searching for anything start accumulating bytes that are no longer needed. A simple solution would be to add Upgrades to most objects and structures from the research panel itself.Here are some examples of updates:

-Canisters more capacious

-Auto-extractor more Fastes

-The various generators, turbines, solar and rtg produce more power

-Faster melting furnaces, centrifuges and laboratories

-Larger batteries

- Terrain mod more powerful,

- Autoarms more fastes.

- Thrusters allow for more trips while consuming less fuel etc.

Maybe to make it more interesting they might pair these upgrades (in addition to the very high cost in bytes) also require shipments of resources through the EXO Request Platform. All these are really simple additions to the game, with a little work you can get a lot of added content that I think will be appreciated by the players.

And you who are reading, would you be happy with these contents? Thanks System Era


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