Buildings rendered at ridiculous distances (plus stuck objects and connectors always asking for resin)

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So I found a crashed solar panel, spent a few "openings" of the world to find the research for a winch to move it, and found it to have gotten stuck even though it wasn't actually in any bit of the ground. Digging around didn't help, so I decided to try one of the strategies mentioned on the steamcommunity forums: build those connector things (the 1 resin ones) to make a line all the way to it, then connect via vehicle. However, I also found that this line of buildings is constantly being rendered, even though most of them are never in sight. (Probably doesn't help that they also always seem to try pointing the little tube-out things towards the camera.)Attached screenshot shows this: every little group of white pixels is a connector. Note that I did try using a few tweaks in the Engine.ini (also mentioned on the steamcommunity forums) to try and up the fps - since it went from a reasonable ~25 to about 7 or 8 as I kept building it - which is why the colors are slightly more saturated/there are jagged lines.

The big group of vehicles and whatever over on the right is my main base; the solar panel is obviously past the left side of the screenshot.

Also, all of the connectors that don't have something on both of their slots start asking for resin (like they would when trying to make a larger base for printer/etc), even though they shouldn't be, after a reload.


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