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Multiple hooks coming from winch

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As you may be able to see in the picture I've attached, I have multiple hooks coming from my winch. I was trying to move one of the large solar panels that spawn in the world with my truck and winch, I got back to my base when a storm started. I believe that the storm got the solar panel stuck in some of my bases modules. At this point, I tried to unhook the solar panel from the winch, which no longer appeared to be attached and it wouldn't let go. I clicked a few more times and my winch flew off with three hooks and their respective strings attached to where I was clicking. I can still use the winch, but those three strings stay with it. I also cannot remove the excess hooks by clicking on them. Not a big issue at all, I fixed it by reloading the game, but I thought I would share it to see if anyone has had similar encounters with these extra hooks coming out.


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