Materials and filled Storage units dissapear when you walk too far away


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I bought Astroneer about two days ago and, at the point of writing, have four hours played. So far, I absolutely love it. Beside falling through the ground and died inside a cave (once) and having MINOR fps drops (only experienced when starting a new game, when you're entering the atmosphere) I really enjoy the game. However, today I discovered a game-breaking bug.

I had collected a fair amount of research boulders (don't know if they have a proper name?) and received a good amount of coal, lithium and some other materials. I was happy. I decided to go retrieve some more (I have been stockpiling them in a cave not too far from my base). I drove to the cave in my truck and loaded up on boulders (also did a bit of exploring beforehand). When I returned, all the recent materials I have gotten was gone. At first I thought it was just a storm that had taken them while I had been exploring the cave. Fair enough, that's my fault. Although, I soon realized that was not the case. Being finished with retrieving the boulders I decided to print 3 storage units and put them on my truck and go hunting for materials. I fully loaded 2 storage units and returned. I placed all 3 storage units at my base after reading that storage units could not be blown away in a storm. Now here's the kicker. I wount out again, when I returned, the filled storage units were gone. Only the empty storage unit was left. I thought that was very odd. To test my theory I put one resin on the unit. I drove away and came back. As I had expected, the unit was gone with the resin. So, I lost 2 storage units filled with materials plus at least 10 rare materials gathered from the boulders. To me, mysteriously losing your materials (and storage units) is game-breaking since the entire game revolves around using materials and resources.

TL;DR: I keep losing materials and storage units (with materials on them, not empty one's) when I leave them at the base and return. I have tested it and it has nothing to do with storms. They simply just dissapear.

Again, to me this is game-breaking and when you have dedicated 2 hours to exploring a cave and retrieving materials, driving back and forth, only to lose it on a weird bug is off-putting. I am too afraid to play the game now, sadly.

I hope this will somehow get fixed asap.

I play via Steam on keyboard and mouse.

Other than that, I am genuinly surprised how much enjoyment I find in Astroneer! It truly is, already, an amazing game in spite of few errors. I am looking forward to when the game expands and gets fixed.



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