Can't build from shuttle

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I flew to another planet and built off of my shuttle. I then noticed that I messed up and couldn't build anymore. I flew back home then to another planet and couldn't build off of my shuttle. Why?

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If you don't want to spend time on files just go to the printer and build a habitat then strap it on your space ship and off you go.

when you arrive at the planet then you can drop it and a clickable button will show. click on it and you will have a base.

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Same here. I could only extend a base from the shuttle once. I think this is a bug. 

In the meantime, try using habitats instead. They fit on the shuttle (and can be used as seat, so you can initiate flight with them) and are the exact same as the starting habitat. You need to research the tech to get them, though. (I think you can only/most likely get them from artifacts, which are the research items, found near crashed spaceships).

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