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NPC - I believe that the only way this game will last is if it becomes more lively. There needs to be more things to interact with, I was thinking along the lines of NPC aliens to trade with, villages (hostile or not), raiders and bandits! Very simple but very effective (e.g MINECRAFT, SKYRIM)

MOBS- .To put it simply, weird creatures that can be hostile or friendly, suited for the specific environments. I know that I'm not alone when I say this - RED PLANTS ARE GETTING BORING...

STRUCTURES- Finally, structures to build enclosures for our habitats and towns. This goes along with NPC's and villages. Whether you use new materials like introducing different woods or materials from certain planets/environments, or the ones already at our disposal (e.g Compound). These structures can protect you from raiders and bandits, and generally create a nicer living space...


These are the ideas that I know will keep me invested into the game, they're the reasons why Minecraft stood the test of time, and why other indie games failed. I honestly believe if this or something like it isn't done within the next few months the game will fall into a heap, the same thing happened to Subnautica, they focused on bugs and adding new items to craft, now barely anyone plays it. It's harsh but its the truth...


Love your game, (for now lol) 

Regards Newtron


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I agree with you for this. Although I have only seen Astroneer and Subnautica on Youtube, I really want to play them myself. However, it looks rather lonely and boring when you`re the only sort of animal in the whole SOLAR SYSTEM (in Astroneer). I mean, okay, I land on a planet, gather resources... than what? Humans are social creatures: we need people/creatures to interact with! And isn`t it the whole point of discovering a somewhat habitable planet to colonize it?

What would be cool is if:

  1. You could completely terraform the planet until you can remove your helmet (before or after colonization)
  2. You could set up dome habitats, send a signal and receive people
  3. New people could be assigned specific tasks (like gathering titanium, or placing tethers while following you)
  4. You could have pets (although it would be difficult to have both the ability to completely terraform and the presence of animals)
  5. You could somewhat design dome habitats and what`s in them (although that`s just my design-obsessed self talking)

By the way, I haven`t seen lakes, or any water/methane sources in the game. That would be cool too. 

That aside the style of the game is awesome, so I think the animals would look awesome too. 

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