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I understand the current system with the Vehicle Bay is bugged such that once you build a shuttle/ship it can't be used for anything else.  I'm hoping a fix for this can be given a fairly high priority as there are other nasty side effects.  For one - the shuttle/ship becomes the "HOME" location, and this can really throw things off.  It would seem a landing pad could be part of a flying vehicle.  Once it is constructed, you should be able to move it to some nearby spot, and once set down, the would be it's landing place, and the Vehicle Bay would be freed up. 

To get around this I created a second vehicle bay and built a spaceship on it (after some truck parts).  A shuttle was made on the other.  Now the system gets confused as to where 'HOME' is and I've had the shuttle land on top of the spaceship!

These sort of early bugs do make the game a bit more difficult to play (space navigation is it's own confusing challenge!) and would be really nice if some of these simpler things could be tuned up before adding new cool features.

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