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I am unable to make a new base with my shuttle?

I flew to one area and quickly messed u and made a machine with one connection (useless), so I flew to numerous other areas and I now cannot build a base.


Are shuttles one time only builders? Or should I be able to make new bases all over, and continue to launch away from them?



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I'm not sure if this is an intended function, and if it is - it needs to be more clear (like switching the conduit type connector to a regular single connector once you've established a base).

What looks like is happening is the conduit on the Shuttle remains in a "connected" state. When I landed a shuttle and created a base with it, I went to disconnect the conduit (I could onlt select the base side, not the shuttle side). Instead of breaking the conduit, the base extended a new Resin base, overlapping the existing black conduit to the shuttle. When I take off an land elsewhere, the shuttle can no longer create a new base.

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