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    Hello again, this is my second report on some bugs and exploits i have found that should be patched!!!


    First off lets start with one i found a little bit ago that can be considered an exploit and should be patched.  So in this one its quite simple but at the cost of dragging a single seat around with you.  So what happens is, when you die of something you are still able to sit int he chair. Because of this, when you respawn it will bring you back into the chair as you were while you were dead and spawns you in the chair exactly were you left it. You can probably see how bad this is considering how the game is supposed to respawn you back at you're habitat but instead brings you to your dead body.  This works at i believe any distance and should be patched.

Youtube Video of bug:

Astroneer bug #3

   Another bug that i came across is less of a bug and more of an item.  This item has no use that i can find but can be placed on 2 slots and becomes much smaller to the size you carry it as.  It has no name but it stops glowing and turns gray in highly lit areas but turns back into a glowing white in low lit areas.  I cannot research it either, If i could get some information on what this thing is or if it is not supposed to be in the game, that would be greatly appreciated. :)

Youtube Video of ball thing:

Astroneer bug #4

   Finally the last bugs i want to share that i have found is 2 things.  I could not get video of them but they seem to keep happening to me.  First off, when i go out on an adventure and come back my trucks seem to bounce high up in the air then fall back down and sometimes upside down.  This is not game breaking as nothing crucial has happens but its just really annoying.  Secondly same with the previous one, when i go on an adventure and come back, sometimes my items that i leave in a hole have disappeared and also some holes that i build into caves get closed off.  I have no idea why these ones occur but i can say these are annoying.  These only occur sometimes and can get very annoying.


   One last thing before i finish this up, With the last post and all post i will be doing if i find any bugs/exploits.  All videos on youtube will be unlisted so only the people who view these will see them. I'm hoping that this stops people from trying to replicate these and try to keep these bugs to a minimum.  I have no idea if others have found these before as i am discovering these on my own and have not searched any of these up to see if they are bugs that others have found.


I hope you all have a great time exploring!!!


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