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I print an habitat that i don't use and put it on the ground near my base.

I park my truck near it and when i wanted to enter in my truck i enter in the habitat. But can't get out it seem that the habitat is not "on" the ground but slightly in the ground. the only thing i can do is move object from there but nothing more.

I play on PC via steam with a ps4 controler.


Try to provide a screenshot if it help.


Fly safe and gg for this great game ;)

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It's also happened to me. I've been stuck in my life pod for 15 hours......... And I take the game devs aren't going to do anything about it..? ...Typical.. Think I'm just going to delete my game.

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It's happened to me too. :( 

Is it possible to unstuck the character ? With a command, or a tip.


I have to start a new game, but I'll keep my save.




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