Found some new flora (new for me)

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I went exploring with my rover, and amids a mountain range on terran I found this. I had not seen this one before. It was new for me.
It looks like it belongs under water, attached to a reef or something.

Inside was a dark purple research pod with red spots. I didn't think I had that one before either, so I placed a beacon and went back for it with my train of trucks. It was quite a trek.
I do hope they improve the suspension on these trucks in a future update. And perhaps the elastic umbilicals between the trucks could be replaced by more sturdy coupling.




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That research object isn't new, it's just the recolor of the green one that's on the truck next to it in the picture, but I've never seen that particular plant before.  Cool find.

I also love where you store your marble.

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@Vin The Butcher
I did dig up the whole plant. Maybe I should have made a screenshot of that too. It's kind of an anemone dug into the ground with only it's top showing.
I researched the research the plant had on top, but I've already researched everything, so nothing new there.

@CherubimCW & @Cardinal
Lord Zebra Ball is very demanding. To prove my worthiness he demanded I'd construct him a pedestal so he could keep watch over his dominion and pass judgement on all.
Lord Zebra Ball grows more and more demanding. A mere pedestal won't keep him content for much longer. I fear he might demand a tower next, and he might burst into flames ...

That's sort of the whole idea. But it wasn't filled up with only researcheables. There were 4 storage units on the other side, and they were only half full. And a seat and solar panel on each end, and 2 batteries to drive through the night with. This was only 12 researcheables. If I'd leave the storage units and batteries at home this rig could haul 18 of them.
I dare not attach a 4th truck at this time (would give room for 26). Adding more vehicle connections seems to be very taxing on performance in the current version (PC). If your game ever starts getting extreme lag spikes all of a sudden, try uncoupling all vehicles. That usually fixes it.

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The seat at either end is a good idea, then you can drive into narrow tunnels, then when full, just run to other end and drive out, without all the messing around of turning.

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