Several Modifications Including Rover Driving, Storage, Excavation Tool, Deadly Entities

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Hi there! Not sure if any/all of these have been covered elsewhere, but here we go anyway:

Driving: For the most part, the rovers are great! However, having the direction the rover travels in connected to the direction I'm looking in almost makes it so I have to steer twice, in a sense. I'd like to see an option for disconnecting rover heading from where I'm looking. I want WASD to direct from the reference point of the rover itself, not where I'm looking.

Storage: There's an option to print a Storage unit. This unit is tiny and mostly useless, considering I can simply dig a small hole next to my base and have it hold several times the amount of resources. I recommend creating something much spacier (perhaps a chest of some sort that visually shrinks your resource stacks; whatever the case, it definitely needs a lot more than 8 slots).

Excavation Tool: Works very well for the most part, however: I'd like to see [left control] become more useful. Right now it doesn't seem to have a clear purpose. It's almost a smoothing tool, but it's far too crude. I'd like to see it made into a genuine terrain-restoring/slope mode, where terrain can be smoothed to a like-new or near like-new finish, or for creating a gentle slope without all the catches that make it difficult to climb. This would help tons around my base, where I've messed the terrain up a tad, making it weird for new setups to be placed.

Evil underground gas plant monsters: I'm in a space suit, aren't I? How is it that outside gases are able to infiltrate? (Is that what those "Filters" are for? I haven't made one yet.) Not to mention that death came swift and without any chance to run away. I know to steer clear now, but I didn't at first.

All that out of the way, I've very much enjoyed Astroneer thus far! It's a great game already and I know it can only go up from here.

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