Tim Speedle

Mouse Look sensitivity out of control when streaming through Steam

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When streaming the game through Steam, the right-click and move the mouse to adjust the camera sensitivity is way out of control.

When using the mouse locally on the host computer there isn't a problem.  It only occurs when streaming.  I have replicated this issue from multiple streaming clients to the same host, as well as reversing the stream from the host that was exhibiting the problems to one of the client machines.  In all cases the move camera sensitivity was practically uncontrollable.

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Add me to the list.  Right mouse button look is crazy (and mine was inverted y-axis?) when Streaming through Steam link.  Regular mouse control (left-click) is normal speed.  Would love to be able to play this in my living-room.  Other games are fine, so it must be a Steam Link driver issue?? Have read as much as possible about this issue and other folks have tried looking into the game code to no avail.  Thanks.

PC Specs:


Geforce 970 4GB


256 GB SSD

TP-Link Powerline adapter

wireless mouse and keyboard

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I get the same when streaming to another PC or via the proper SteamLink hardware.

I was really hoping that patch 131 would fix this as it seems relatively trivial.

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