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Single Player bugs:

Dig tool issue: While using the digging tool I noticed that is sometimes jumps around as I move it around with the mouse. it looks like it gets stuck in quadrants of my screen and when I move from one to another it gets stuck until I get far enough into the next and it jumps back to where I have the mouse. this causes the dig function to jump and get stuck making it harder to use.

Texture Skins: While playing I landed on the exotic world and everything was fine. I started setting up a base and then left the game. when I returned to playing all the native plants were flat white with no texture skins.

Multiplayer bugs:

Base Nodes issue: I jumped into my buddies game and was moving stuff around (or at least trying to) and all the small hubs still showed the two resin ghosts even if there was something placed there. small items I was not able to interact with because of them being in the same location as the resin ghosts.

Trade Platform bug: while moving stuff around my buddies base I was going to make some extra parts and needed to sell stuff he had extra of for things needed. I placed the items in the trade platform and sent it on its way but it never returned. I noticed a little later that I could interact with it as if it had returned and had the items I needed but it was not there.

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