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Can no longer build things from backpack

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When attempting to build tethers, or anything requiring Compound, a bugged Compound keeps taking the resource slot. The bugged Compound appears to be only 1 "part" (Fig 1) in size as opposed to the full 30 or so "parts" that make up an entire Compound resource. I can't grab/move the bugged Compound (i.e. I can't replace the bugged one with a normal one). Fig. 2 shows a different object that requires a different resource and the bugged Compound in a normal slot. 



Steps to reproduce

Not full proof as I'm not entirely sure how it happened.

  1. Dug out Compound using the drill and stored it on the back of my truck.
  2. Took the Compound off the back and had it my inventory.
  3. Went to create tethers with no bugged Compound present.
  4. Accidentally grabbed and removed Compound from the resource slot for building dropping it on the floor. 
  5. Picked up the Compound again and the bugged Compound appeared in backpack. 

Fig 1. Attempting to build Tethers with bugged compound


Fig 2. Building something else. 


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