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I thought it might be interesting if there where lakes or oceans with islands in the middle that you could swim to or make special platforms to build boats by them. I know this sounds impractical as the planets are quite small but if there was a good enough reward at the bottom of these oceans or on the islands it might just be worth it, there could even be sea creatures and ruins of spaceships.

My only concerns -

this might cause some lag when using the terrain tools as the water would have to flow in the gaps 

anyway it would help me if you guys could give me feedback, Thanks 

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Its mentioned from time to time but at the second its not on the devs must do list. They like the ideal but other things are needed prior to the water subject. I just hope they try It on one world before exporting it to the whole group of planets. It might make my underground base spring a leak.:ph34r:

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Would be nice to see flowing water. 

Would add in nicely to a food/water supply, indoor bathhouse, aquarium, decorative modules, fuel etc.

Maybe add in an interesting gravity issue pouring water into a hole to the center of the planet..

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