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Exo Research containers on Glacio that require Ammonium to open are bugged.  I have found multiple containers that will "absorb" the ammonium when placed on the receptacle but will not open afterwards.  It seems to be limited to the containers that require Ammonium and not the ones that require power to open.  I have not tested this on other planets and this is on a multi-player server run by Nitrado.

I have tried digging around the container to shift its position and nothing changed.  I've tried blowing the container up but the TNT would not stick to the container and only blew up the ground around the container and there was no change to the container.

Since the research items from these containers on Glacio represent the highest amount of bytes from a single research item, this makes a significant amount of research unreachable by the Astroneer.

The pics with the ammonium stuck to the receptacle are just there to show that the container is bugged, the container has already "absorbed" one ammonium already.









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I passed this along to QA.  We've tried to reproduce it without success.  Would you mind sharing your save file and DX Diag so we can further investigate?

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I believe I have the exact same problem.

The capsule on Glacio eat up the resource you put on it, but doesn't open.
I tried putting a second resource, the circle around the slot becomes blue, as if the resource is recognized, but the capsule doesn't open and the resource is not consumed. I've tried this with 2 different capsules.

See screenshots below:

I've tried this only on Glacio thus far.
I think I did not see this issue on other planets, but I haven't explored them all, yet, and I'm pretty sure I've tried opening caspule requiring resource only on Sylva.

What should I do next? Is there a way to fix it?

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Today I've seen this issue again on Sylva.
The capsule ate up one laterite, but didn't open. Applying a second one turns the circle blue, doesn't consume the resource but doesn't open the capsule either.




However, I was actually able to open one capsule on Desolo with no problem with one sphalerite.

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It didn't seem to be planet specific.  I just make my main base on Glacio.  I did notice that other containers on other planets did not work when putting a resource on the container.  But, has anyone noticed if the ones that require power do not work?

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For me on Glacio, the ones that require power work correctly.

To further support this "planet based" rather than "capsule type specific" issue, I can say that today I was able to correctly open a resource capsule on Desolo with one item of lithium.

Summarizing my case (what I can confirm this far): 
- on Sylva and Glacio, any resource container I've tried (3 or 4 per planet) have the issues as described in this thread
- on Desolo and Novus, the capsules I've found worked correctly
- I have not found issues in the power requiring capsules

(today I also found and documented this other issue: https://forum.systemera.net/topic/76606-landing-pads-are-not-visible-from-orbit/ maybe you also have this?)

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I've just been able to open one of the capsule on the surface of Sylva with a piece of Laterite. I guess this bug could be now solved then, maybe thanks to one of the latest update...

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