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Custom music track idea was going around for a bit on this forum. However here's my take on it.

How about a custom folder, where I can just place my music tracks I want in the game and they'll randomly pop up along with the original game's soundtrack. That way if I add a lot of ambience tracks, the game will be less stale while exploring. I'll never know what next track will be played. Belive me, doing the same things over and over can be grating. Some variety would be nice to beat up the monotony. However to make it more natural when the music is transitioning, maybe the game will automatically fade in or fade out these tracks. It's a very atospheric game and the best we can do is to make it immersive.

This is the simplest solution for custom music. But maybe somebody will want to customize it a little more. For example, assigning certain ambients to certain planet types. I might hear more surreal tracks on Exotic planets and a bit unsettling ones on Radiated planets. If your friends will play on your save, they'll have their own music tracks. 

Tell me what do you think about that.

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