HELP!!! We need automatic BACKUP or AUTOSAVE. I lost my advanced world :(


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Wouldn't it be able for Astroneer to automatically back up each new saved game?

The old game is saved as a backup.

In the game "Terraria" this is how it happens, the old game becomes a ".bak" file.

I just lost my whole world (37K) from one second to the next because of a lack of energy.

If there was an automatic backup it would have been simple to resolve.

I don't know if it is simple to program a routine for this.


What's interesting, is there used to be backups of saves.
I don't know when or why the Astroneer stopped happening.
The game used to keep 2 copies of saves though.



P.S. - My Save attached

"The crash happened in the middle of saving, it 0'd out the save fale and crashed before it could actually save world data." (Spyci - Discord Astronner Server)

Spyci Discord help - 26dec2020.jpg

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