Giant solar panel unmovable after restart

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After digging up and dragging one of the giant crashed solar panels to my base, I had to save and restart before I could place it and connect it to my base for power. Once back in the game I found the panel stuck in the position I left it in without any way to move it. There is no terrain that I can remove to release it from it's position. Terra-forming (adding terrain) under or around it results in it being covered and although the winch will attach, it will not drag it. Unfortunately, the giant panel is laying right on top of my base...

I have reproduced this bug by simply doing the same thing:

-digging up a giant panel

-moving it

-saving the game, exiting (either to menu or Windows) and restarting the game

-panel is now frozen in place

I'm playing on the Steam version with keyboard and mouse.





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Exactly the same issue.  Sadly once it glitches out, it no longer accepts connections in addition to the fact that it cannot be moved.   I was in the process of relocating one to my it's dead.

If anyone can figure out a way to get it unstuck, I am sure a lot of people would be grateful.

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