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i have only been playing for a few days and i'm hooked , but at the moment its lacking many more items to research so here is a list of what i would like to see in no particular order 

Different space ships with many more different components ( space shuttle were you need to build a runway !

A Saturn 5 rocket 5 stage to jump  to other systems ( space is fun too ) 

Satellites for navigation and maybe power during the night some planets are lacking sunlight  ( hands up anyone who has gotten lost and either cant find their base and died just to get back to building !)  

space station ( which has been mentioned i'm sure ) 

a few different building other than  the hab maybe for food not just air and water 

weapons for terraforming - the terraforming is awesome i spend a lot of time  making the floors flat but what if we could research a weapon for this in a space  station ?

a lot more vehicals  i mean a heaps more and some where to dock them modify them , the printer is awesome but i can be much much more how about upgrading the printer to a larger version in fact upgrading all the building that have larger capacity 

a dump truck 

shuttle bays 


if i do not get my landing pad right i can land my spaceship on top of my shuttle which is very annoying as at the moment we cant delete or rearrange the base so this would be handy 

maybe a robot to get some of the nasty plants 

a few more ways  to generate power 

maybe a huge battery  huge solar arrays 


and i'm sure i have heaps more to think of i just need more sleep but my astroneer sessions are like 9 hours before i need to refuel . 

anyway back to playing 




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