Some Bugs I Have Found (quite a few!)

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These are some of the bugs i have found in the pre alpha game,

  • when driving a vehicle the vehicle flips over and starts to hover up getting stuck high in mid air
  • multiplayer games crash every 3 hours when i have joined my friends world
  • when running around you can fall into holes which a covered up by a texture (usually the colour of the ground near it)
  • when you leave the planet in your ship and come back down all of your items on the ground (e.g. titanium, copper) disappear from the surface and fall below into caves (same with transport)
  • when getting out a ship from a planet expedition you fall into the earth and die by fall damage.(usually caused by chunks not loading fast enough)
  • getting into a transport will sometimes make him sit below the vehicle and not actually in the seat
  • putting unknowns on to a truck with the transport mod will cause it to flip out and spaz all of over the place until it is taken off (only on transport mod and not the actually space on the vehicle)
  • death markers won't show up on a friends world
  • when you try to join a friends world it won't log in but stay on the loading menu forever (Australia) 

These are some of the bugs that i have found, if there is any more i find i will add to the list.


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2 more! 
While sitting in the seat and lifting it at the same time, it causes a bug that lets you fly around freely.
 (and no it's not fixed!)
While being in multiplayer and spam clicking the cable on the habitat (or other link cable who need resin) the Host will crash, but he can't crash himself.

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