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I'm going to list some additional modules/parts I think would be good for future updates as I love the module design would just like to see more options. Might be an idea for others to add any they wish to see in replies?

-= Modular Engines =-

"Diesel" Engine - increased energy consumption for greater torque when driving allowing you to pull more up steeper inclines etc

Sports Engine - increased energy consumption for increased speed

-=Wheel Modular Options=-

Tank Tracks - slower but increase in pulling power up slopes

Monster Truck Wheels - increased height (reduced accessibly in caves) suspension to negate impact of surface debris whilst driving at speed

-= Modular Utilities =-

Return Storage Module - (this was suggested by someone in the Facebook community in a similar form) a vehicle storage module that requires fuel but can be launched like the trade platform to return to base with its contents

Spot/Flood Lights - allow vehicles to be used for illumination when not occupied,  maybe when attached to crane it changes it's function slightly (doesn't retract when you get out, can be raised off the ground to achieve a range of angles for lights)

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10 minutes ago, HellHasNoFear said:

I'm sure rovers had electric motors and engines need oxygen. ?

I said 'diesel' as in acts like a diesel

Besides all vehicles seem to be able to produce unlimited oxygen supplies :D

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Lol so true. I had a similar idea about modular vehicles, but wanted sometime to think about it and explain it properly. One thing I really want is a bulldozer blade for the front. ? 

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