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[IDEA] Leveling and Progression...slow it down

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I think it would be a good idea to slow down progression by introducing a leveling system. As a developer you want to encourage players to engage in all of the different joys that Astroneer could possibly offer. Who doesn't like leveling up?

I'd like to see a leveling system with an overall level and sub-level categories that contribute to the overall. 

Overall: 0-999

  • Exploration (tracks footsteps and/or tethers and flights)
    • Increase tether length
    • Increase oxygen module while sprinting
    • Suffocate longer
    • Spaceship and Shuttle colors
    • Unlock Spaceship with so many shuttle flights
    • Unlock Satellite after so many Spaceship flights
  • Mining (Tracks the minus tool usage/efficiency and Smelting)
    • Gradual increase of discovery radius for resources
    • Unlock ability to Mine Uncommon and Rare Resources
    • Unlock ability to toggle on/off whether or not you want to use the Subtract Tool to Mine resources, Astroneer or both
  • Astroneering (the reversal of mining?)
    • Unlock ablity to fine tune Add Tool
    • Unlock ability to Astroneer (Add Tool) with the rare colors of distant worlds
    • Unlock ability to shoot pre-designed structures out of the Add Tool (I can't think of a practical reason but it would look cool)
  • Base Building
    • Unlock more complex machines
    • Base upgrades (bigger, badder, more energy efficient)
  • Researching
    • Unlock ability to go to other planets? Use Research as a means to learn Drop Zones
    • I wouldn't involve the Spaceship or the Truck as a discovery. Force players to increase Exploration stat and Driving stat.
    • Cooler upgrades (jetpacks, weapons, etc)
    • Researching should get you the Rare Resources that are only found on other planets. 
  • Driving
    • Unlock Terrain capable tires
    • Gradual increase of steering precision
    • Unlock of vehicles and vehicle upgrades (boost, hop)
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