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Hi everyone!

Bean and I just wanted to stop by and let everyone know what our new channel is starting up with content from Astroneer tomorrow morning Eastern Time.  Our initial videos will be going out between 7 and 9 AM.

We are a father and son channel looking to provide content for Astroneer through our solo and multiplayer adventures.  We are new to the content creation world and are learning what it takes to produce videos.  We hope you all will stop by the channel and check us out.

Channel URL:  Apo and Bean Gaming

We can't wait to get our hands on the game!

Apo (the dad) and Bean (the son)

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Hey Apo and Bean,

Looking forward to seeing content from your channel. May you find the world of content creation and Astroneer, as a fun and joyful experience!

Best regards,

SkySpy(the one and only)

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