Some bugs and issues after 37 hours of play

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These were all on terran unless stated. patch

When hooking up a train of rovers (in this case 3 with cabins on the ends and 1 big solar panel and 1 big windvane on the outer cars), performance gets .5 second hickups every 3 seconds

I felt a clear performance drop from around 60 to 20 when at the same time I saw either the tundra planet very close, or a quarter slice of terran itself maybe (known bug)

When you put a thether in the backpack by clicking on the dude, it dissapears

Vehicals cannot drive on the moon (barren) bcs low grav.. Maybe intentional. But truck just bounces and saltos.

Crane can be built without a vehical present. It then just sits there. You cant pick it up but you can bump it with terrain or a vehical.

When smelter doesn't have enough free slots (max 5), it destroys your thing.

I managed to 'lock' the trade platform. I had it filled up with 'natural'. I think I logged out while it was in the air. Result is I couldn't click the things in it and launch button was missing.

You can see the tooltips for things on other planets flying in the sky of the planet you are on.

Planets don't seem to orbit the sun, but sortof float around randomly instead. Maybe intentional.

With a lot of changes to a planet and/or a lot of tethers, things just freak out.

I made a 'stairway to heaven' of about 50 tethers long with a habitat on top. Saved it. Came back: floating habitat with a long string of tethers but none of the changes I made were visible. Also couldn't exit habitat with TAB rendering this savegame useless. (which is fine, my new base is better)

I'm currently in a 'seed' where I seem to have twice as much resources as in the previous one, but hardly any copper and no lithium. I did found a cave the size of a small country filled with compound though.

PS : thanks for this awesome game!

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