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Spaceship Stuck Forever in Space

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Howdy! I love this game so incredibly much, excited to see where it goes in the future! None of the bugs I have experienced have been very awful - either hilarious or another thing to work with in the game. However, this bug can't be fixed!


I don't think this has anything to do with any hardware of my own or my friend, as I've ran the save on multiple accounts/computers. The error likely resides in the fact that on our way to landing on Barren in our spaceship, my bud lost internet connection, crashing the game (he was host). Now whenever the host launches to world, he is stuck permanently in space, orbiting Barren with no option to fly out to other planets, nor land on Barren. Additionally, the camera angle is broken. We've tried making new save points as well as bringing a shuttle next to the space ship and nothing has been able to fix or mend any of the issue. The sad part is that anyone who can connect to the game can still play on the world, just not the host. 

Anyway, just to help, this bug is on Steam and I'm thinking if you want to try to replicate the bug, attempt to land on a planet and (perhaps?) alt+f4 to shut the game down, unless you'd rather rip the modem's power out to crash the game, though that is probably not a great idea. Thanks! If you need any more details please let me know, cause this is sort of game breaking for me.


P.S of the pictures I have attached, the second is the camera angle - my spaceship is at the bottom of the screen and that's as close as I can get the camera to it. The first picture is a direct pan up from the second, showing Barren. That should give you the idea of what I am dealing with - no buttons to leave the orbit, nor land, nor a convenient camera angle to check the ship. I think adding a kill command would be able to fix this bug!



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