Space Elevator, space station construction, module delivery, force fields

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Need medium to late game use of titanium/lithium.  Maybe alloys created between lithium and titanium in the smelter to create the required elements for a space elevator.  modules that can be delivered and deployed in space as a panel arrays, etc.  individual modules for the station have to be constructed and delivered.  asteroid belt collection and mining.  In addition to windstorms, maybe asteroid impacts...water collection efforts.  Maybe force fields that can protect bases from wind damage.  

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yeah combining more rare resources for building blocks/material would be nice.

So the advanced stuff you really need a lot for it while it can be quite good.

The elevator.... eeh, maybe later we could teleport with having 2 connected so you could transfer yourself between bases some that could be Far Far Away.


I do wish there could be something out in the space like spacestations (or if we could build that?)

Also I was thinking of some shield for the base that requires A LOT of energy CONSTANTLY.

While its also a rare or higher tier blueprint.

It would help your base against sandstorms and other attacks like a astroid that could hit your base.


The alloy could be used to create spacerockets/better spaceships.

To later on a alien tech spaceship, both of these can jump between solar systems, one of them like the alien one has a much further distance and solar panels on it.

It got less space for items but creates a good start for base building.

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