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How to play Astroneer co-op on xbox one ?

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Join your friend (has to be a friend).

Your ASTRONEER should launch, and take you to the 'select 1 of 4 astronauts' menu. Choose one, then launch. You will land at your friends FIRST habitat (and none other). However being the client joiner, expect to have most your 'sounds' lost, and see all manner of crazy stuff happen, dirt not be cleared/added, and lots of overlays that should not be there. Also, your view distance will be nerfed to hell, so if your friend says stuff like "hey whats that over there?" and you look, and see nothing... its due to that. Also, if your friend is on another planet... gotta coordinate having him come back to pick you up, or build a shuttle there at that first camp (if you got resources). And then expect to land on another planet and see all manner of crazy stuff happen.

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