Auto arm adjustable pick-up and drop-off arcs and platform modules for vehicles

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The auto arm has been a much welcomed addition to the game but is very restricted in flexability with the pick up and drop off points imo, Would it be possible to add a feature to change the arm from the current area in front to something like a 180 degree arc for both pick-up and drop-off as this would increase its uses for me and proably others too.

The vehicles again are great, a good way to transport items, equipment and mobile bases, what i would like to see is flat platorms that extend the felxibility of the vehicles for example a platform with a large connector plate and a small connector plate on the top and a large connector plate under for attachement to 1 side of the big rover so it extends over the wheels, this could be used to mount various pieces of equipment/items for either transort or use, said platorms vould also be used on base platforms like the large storage pyramid and the silos.

An idea i had was to attach wide arc auto arms to the extended vehicle platorms facing out to collect things like the small research growths and or the small debris, in the centre point would be either storage silos or the appropriate equipment scrapper/research station. Its still a thought in progress like a big 6 wheeled spider collecting resources as you drive, seeing all those auto arms busy at work would be a cool industrial looks.

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