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New big generator.(Nuclear reactor) and new resourse Uranus and plumbum for atrox

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Now we have small and medium genrators. I suggest add in game big Nuclear generator. This will give us most energy, but use fuel uranus, what we can found only in mantle of atrox.
And this uranus need to be dangerous for astronaut when he carries it.

And need one more new resourse plumbum. with plumbum we can make nuclear reactor. For nuclear 2 lead, and 2 nanocarbon alloy. room for this nuclear reactor like for big shredder.
~25000 bytes for reserch. (at your discretion)
energy 50-100 u/s (at your discretion)
Working time 2-5 hours hours.(at your discretion)
Because we cant carrien Uranus, we need auto arms and, auto extractor for carried it, or special transport and costume. Or plumbum boxes.

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perhaps this would be better for an extra large generator or a tier 3 upgrade of the RTG, I think that the large generator should consume hydrazine.

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